Is there a way to upload more than 1 thumbnail picture at a time?

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    I need to upload more than 1 thumbnail at a time, way too time consuming one by one. Is there a plug-in or something that can help me?

    I would also LOVE if once clicked on a thumbnail it sent the viewer into a gallery.

    Any help would be great!!

    Thank you,



    Ehrm…there is the gallery function.

    When uploading, select as many images as you want, upload, then go to the gallery tab and insert gallery.

    Note: you cannot select individual images from the uploaded gallery, it’s all or nothing.



    Dear jesse-You’ve left several questions in the forums over the past couple of days about galleries and thumbnails. Rather than keep opening a new thread, why not refer to one of the threads that you’ve already gotten answers to.

    And please give us the address of your WordPress.COM blog, starting with http:// Given some of the information you’ve posted, it’s not clear your blog is on WordPress.COM



    By the way, if you “lose” your threads, click on the word “member” under your username or your username at the top of the forum front page and you will be taken to a page that lists all the threads that you’ve posted in.



    Jennifer- thanks for taking the time to survey the number of threads that people make. I loose track, so I tend to answer the same question over and over again. And yes, having the link is always useful.

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