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Is there a way to view more than 20 comments?

  1. Someone is talking to themselves on my blog and leaving lots of comments. I don't have a problem with that. I find it quiet entertaining and wonder if they know I can view all IP numbers and their many names can't fool me. lol But when I want to see all comments, I can only view the 20 most recent. And I don't have comment moderation anymore.

  2. bump

  3. I don't have an answer, since I have the same question.

  4. How do you view IP numbers?

  5. Greets:

    For the most part, we're stuck at viewing twenty. You should be getting an email though when you receive a comment or trackback though. It contains all of the details.

    Another thing you can do is list your Posts via Dashboard -> Manage -> Posts as there is a column there that tells you which Posts have comments attached. It's not all of them but it's better than nothing. :)

    IP address should be listed on the first line of the comment when you look at Dashboard -> Manage -> Comments. The line is the commenter's name or page title of the trackback, email address, their website or page they are linking to you from and then the IP address.

  6. So I should enable the 'send me an email whenever anyone leaves a comment' thing? Oy! My poor inbox. lol

  7. In case you're expectin a quick answer although I don't think you are drmike has been gone from the forum for about 4 hours now nosy.

  8. So I should enable the 'send me an email whenever anyone leaves a comment' thing? Oy! My poor inbox. lol

    Yeah - and we should all have your problem!

  9. I'm ROFLOL at your quip Vivian. Gee, nosy you poor little thing - you can't really be expecting us all to feel sorry for you.(lol):D

  10. I get a boatload of spam.

  11. I get a boatload of spam.

    *sigh* Don't we all.

    That's probably the best way to double check things though.

  12. I never had a "big" spam problem until two things happened.
    (1) I left a comment on a blog saying words to the effect that I thought couch potato sports fans and their shop-a-holic girlfriends/wives would be healthier and society would be better served if they got off their butts and actually participated in a sport. (Apparently I gored someone's obese sacred cow.) ROFLMBO
    (2)My second blog with 18 posts and 49 comments made it onto the 100 growing blogs list.
    Then the spamming picked up.
    BTW how do we find the url for the growing blog list please?


    botd = blog of the day

    I do hope from reading your point #1 there that you're not calling comments that you just don't want "spam"? That kind of mucks things up in teh system I would think.

  14. As a journalist I have been prepared to deal with people who have differing viewpoints than my own. I think you misunderstood the way I expressed myself. Sorry for not stating that more clearly. What I meant was that I left comment (1) above on a friend's blog. She was not offended by it and we had a humorous exchange about it. However, some gutless wonder, who did not comment but disliked what I said on my friends blog then spammed me with sports advertising. P.S. No need to reply - get your tickets done.:) Yippee - Yahoo it's Friday. Can't you tell, eh?

  15. I wish there was a MORE button on the Comments Moderation page, because I got more than twenty comments yesterday, and I'm going to have to root through the whole darn blog to find them all. Very annoying.

    Why isn't there a MORE button? Seems very basic to me.

  16. Code it then and submit it to trac. :)

  17. Code. Oh is THAT all?

  18. haha tt no such thing as free speech in blogging and commenting without expecting a barrage of spam!

  19. There is the option to get an email when a comment is left on your blog. That's pretty much how I keep track of mine.

  20. You can subscribing to the RSS comments feed for your blog might help. It's URL is (

    The only problem is that it is limited to 20 comments, because the RSS feed only publishes the last 20 comments.

    So really, not that useful.

    A bit off-topic:

    Code it then and submit it to trac. :)

    drm: do they often accept code from outside contributors for WP MU features that will make it in to

  21. Is it javascript code engtech?

  22. drm: do they often accept code from outside contributors for WP MU features that will make it in to

    Honest answer - don't know. (You use your username and password to sign on over there) I think Donncha pretty much keeps the code seperate but we've noticed things come over like th new login design and the autosaving of posts. I really haven't seen anythign we've suggested over there make it over here though (ie The google sitemap verify solution) but I don't have backend access here at so I couldn't really tell you.

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