Is there a widget for wordpress I can put on my website?

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    I just joined wordpress last week but I am curious if wordpress has a widget I can use to put on my website to direct visitors from my website to my blog. I am currently using the old fashioned word text w/hyperlink. I have not yet found what I am looking for on wordpress. If this does not yet exist, can wordpress create some widgets? Facebook/twitter/linked all have widgets, so maybe time for wordpress to catch up :) That would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.



    No, they do not provide anything like that. You can if you wish, similar to what you have done on your website, use an image of some sort as a link to the blog, or as a supplement to the text link you now have. You could even take a screenshot of your blog and then crop and resize that as the image.



    Hello thesacredpath,

    Thank you for your reply and providing some solutions, I had not thought of those. Too used to widgets lol. Is there a suggestion box or way to suggest improvements to administrators?

    Thank you.


    You can post something in the ideas forum requesting it, or wait till staff is back in the office on the 19th and send the request directly into them at .



    hmm sounds like perfect timing to submit an improvement! Thank you.

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