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    A couple of times a visitor has mentioned that half of their comment has been lost. This has happened more than once. Is there a word limit to the comment section. Some of my commentors are a little winded.. but that is ok with me. I would like to be able to read the entire comment .. without the last half missing in action.



    There shouldn’t be any limit to comment length.



    The normal downloadable version of WP has the field that comment text goes into set to be a TEXT field. Limit on that is 64k characters.

    Reference in case you’re interested.




    So why are half of their posts being lost. As I said.. this has happened more than once and with two different visitors. These visitors are my sisters and I really want to be able to read and share their comments.



    Well without know where your blog is, there’s no way to test this. :)

    I’m assuming that it’s something on your sister’s end though. I host 300+ WP blogs over on my hosting service and I’ve never heard of an issue like this though. I would like to see what’s up though.


    I have just had a visitor complain that his comment was “clipped” and said he believed there was a word limit when writing comments.

    The above says this is not the case. Does anybody else have this issue or could their be other causes.




    there shouldn’t be a word limit to comments. perhaps what your commenters can do in the future is to copy their lengthy comment into notepad, so in case their comments get cut off, they won’t be so frustrated and can repeat the process of commenting and hope it works the second time…

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