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Is there a WordPress cache?

  1. I linked to a post from another wordpress blog. After I linked, the person password protected that post and wrote a satire on my blog. So I posted about it and linked to the now password-protected post. When I hover over the new link, I see a cached version of it in the Snap Preview feature, with the content still there, instead of the password protected page.

    The post was obviously cached - how can I get at it?

    The links in question are in the first post on my blog if you want to take a look.


  2. You can't. It's a password protected post and end-users do not have access to wordpress cached information.

    You could check to see if the post was cached by google prior to being password protected by using their blog search utility.

    The blogger in question has this posted on his or her site:

    If you are a regular reader AND a blogger please email me at achelois06 at gmail dot com and I’ll email you the password.

    If you use the email address provided and are not given the password then my advice is to just get on with your blogging. Anything we publish we publish at our own peril. That means what we publish is available to be satirized and also means that the bloggers who do this are under no obligation to post comments.

  3. Oh, I loved being satirized. That wasn't the point.

    I've also read her post and I have nothing invested in her post being public - in fact, I'm tickled that she was so threatened by my criticism that she hid it.

    I just wondered if there was any way to get the post because a reader of mine wondered if I'd saved her article.

    Your original response was short and to the point. Your longer response telling ME to live with being satirized was quite unnecessary since it's obvious I didn't mind the satire and wasn't the one hiding what I've published.


    Edited to add: It's "compulsion," not "compunction." Sorry, couldn't resist. When you unnecessarily lecture someone, watch out for the spelling and grammar nazi that lies dormant in all of us.

  4. I have a vision problem. I frequently give a small amount of essential information click the button and wait until I can clearly focus again. Then, I add more. Did you take my advice and do the google blog search to see if the post had been cached there or not?
    BTW if you feel this issue has been resolved then feel free to mark it to reflect that status.

  5. Yes, and there was no cache.

    Thanks for your help, and sorry I got testy.

  6. It's okay. Happy blogging.

    One last thought {a long shot}: Do you use co-comment? I ask because it may provide a means of getting at the original post.

  7. Apostate, as timethief mentioned, there is no cache with wordpress (as your title question asks). Sometimes google will index the page and then have a cache of that particular post. That is the only chance to see the article without getting the password from the original poster. Unless someone has some other solution, I think that is where you are at with this one.

    Hope that helps.


  8. Wow....3 responses since I started writing the previous post.....I am too slow I guess.


  9. {big smile for Trent :D}

  10. May want to check to see if one of the feed services like feedburner or bloglines may still have it as well.

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