Is there a SEO? What does it do?

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    As of last week, I have been offered a “free SEO” on Twitter. It mysteriously has the WordPress icon behind the three letters “SEO” on its own icon. What is it, what does it do, do I need it? My sister-in-law who blogs a lot says I don’t need it or want it, but I don’t know how to set search engine terms on, and if this would help–would it help? Lost in the woods again. Thanks for a response.

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s a scam – better to burn your money in the fireplace – your WordPress.COM sites are set up quite well – there are some “Best Practices” that you should do – look around a bit in the forum or go to timethief’s site also (she helps in the forum just click on her name) – and the advice is free here and you can take the money you save and buy the family a Pizza


    Thanks very much. I was surprised to find that the SEO has followed me for a week, because one other person who was trying to sell me something bowed out after a few days of non-attention from me. Yes, I really have received a lot of help from timethief, and now also from raincoaster (and you). And I’m always in favor of more pizza! So, I’m guessing that as I’ve found it so far, with every different tutorial there’s a “Best Practices” thing, or something, because I’ve seen several of them now and tried to follow them.

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