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Is there an archive of Search Terms beyond the past 7 days?

  1. I just started taking a close look at the search terms people use that send them to my blog, and now I'm completely intrigued. ("poems to tell people you hate them", "get rich writing romance" are a couple of faves) Are these terms archived somewhere or do you only see the past 7 days? Thanks! Susan

  2. Yup but you gotta be sneaky. :)

    Go to your Search Terms page and take a look at the UR: bar of your browser. See that bit 'numdays=7' in there? Replace the number with a new one. 15 just worked for me without issue.

    Hope this helps,

    edit: Just noticed that when you change the day number, it changes it also for the blogs listed along the left hand side column.

  3. Brilliant! Thanks! -Susan

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