Is there an autoresponder system integrated within every blog edition?

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    Hi, First I would like to thank you for this fantastic wordpress blogging system.

    As a new user, I would like to find out how I may be able to add emails of my interest group members to the changes on – a website about investor leads on selling, buying and generating cashflows in property investment. The spin-off came from a two-day Dolf De Roos property seminar in Singapore.

    Is there an autoresponder system within each wordpress blog so that registered members may be kept updated with any editorial or content changes automatically?

    I feel this would have a high probability of driving more traffic to the blog; and to as well.

    Yeo Zhenry
    (email redacted)



    No. Features like that are not available on free blogs. This is strictly a blogging platform with templates that cannot be altered. It is not a website.
    If you are looking for plug-in features like autoresponder updates then you will be better served by either (1) downloading a copy of a wordpress free template to your own server from as well as the appropriate plug-ins or (2) having a webhosting service do this for you. Please note that is a separate and different entity
    Reading the excellent resource material provided in the FAQ’s for will clarify that the only plug-ins we have here are akismet for spam and the widgets you find in presentation -> dashboard widgets.
    Additional information can be found located in the pink “sticky” postings at the head of the forum postings.
    Welcome to and happy blogging.

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