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is there an "e-mail this post" feature on wordpress

  1. blackcelebritykids

    Is there such a thing as a "e-mail this post" feature on wordpress so that readers can e-mail posts to their friends and such?

  2. No. You can add it if you use Feedburner for your feed by copying and pasting it into your post.

  3. blackcelebritykids


  4. you can create "email this post" features for blogs without having to copy it from the feed.

    Automatically create “Email this” features for blog posts

  5. Is there a way to send out an e-mail alert to those that have subscribed to my blog when I post something? What I'm thinking of is something like Yahoo Groups where you get an e-mail when someone has posted something to the group.

  6. Thanks. I just saw something about Feedburner no longer being available through WordPress. I am very new to this so I don't entirely understand what Feedburner is all about. What other options are there if Feedburner is not available?

  7. fmwentworth,
    I just saw something about Feedburner no longer being available through Wordpress.
    What exactly do you mean? May I please have the url where I can find the details?

  8. That thread was wrong. Feedburner is absolutely available.

  9. Thanks. I'll now try Feedburner.

  10. OK. I tried Feedburner and I got to the point of pasting the code. I don't understand where I paste it to. It says to paste into a text widget. I went back to my blog and opened widgets and added a text widget. That didn't work. The whole code appeared in the sidebar. The other option was pasting it in blogger or type pad.

    Thanks for the help.

  11. Hello again. This time when I pasted into the text widget in WordPress it worked. When I did it earlier the HTML code showed on my page. I tried it again and it worked correctly. So, thank you.

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