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Is there an easy way to add tags?

  1. Somebody please help me. I have no idea how to use HTML and everywhere I've read tells me to edit the "Oddiophile's Rather Fab Technorati Tags Bookmarklet". Is there no easy way to add tags to a blog, like a way that doesn't involve fiddling with HTML code and going to all sorts of pains? Something simple, like a little box that you simply type your tags into and then it tags your blog would be ideal, but right now I'm open to any solutions.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. are you using a blog or do you have a self-hosted wordpress blog? if you have a blog, tagging is quite simple.

    if you have a self-hosted blog, you have to direct your query at the forums in

  3. I've got a wordpress blog. Is there a difference between categories and tags? Because for instance, I want a category "Travels" in which all blogs about travels go, but then all blogs under "Travels" I want to tag individually, for example with the names of places I go to. Is there any way to do that without creating a category for each place?

  4. @overlord
    There are two different wordpress blogs. Those that receive support here are all hosted by and the urls end in Self hosting bloggers and web hosted bloggers who have downloaded software from receive support here

    The substantial differences between the two kinds of wordpress software, services and policies can be determined by reading the information at these links
    Please read first before posting to the forum

    Setting that aside as sulz said here at categories and tags are considered to be synonymous. There is no automatic built in tagging system bulit into other than what sulz described but if you wish you can use an off-line blog editor like BlogDesk or Windows Live Writer to produce Technorati tags. Or, you can use keotags. Also note that Lorelle has a tagging that's worth looking into.

    Because you have neither linked your username to your blog nor posted the link to it we cannot determine which kind of wordpress blog you have.

    We all have two profiles at One on our blogs and one here in the forum.

    Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog -> Users -> Profile
    In the right hand column locate “Website” and type in the link to your blog example:

    Linking your username to your blog in the forum
    (1) Go up to the top right hand corner of this forum page and look for “Welcome,_________ ! View your profile” and click “View your profile”.

    (2) Next click “edit this information”.

    (3) Complete the fields being sure that where it says website that you enter (no period at the end or the link won’t work)

    (4) Once you’re done click “Update Profile”. Voila! Now every time you sign into the forum we can click on your username and your blog will be linked to it.

    (5) Also note that there is a complete record of every post that you make to the forum on your forum profile page. Everyone in the forum can access it by simply clicking on “Member” next to your username. :)

  5. Ok I see the difference now. I'm running a blog that is hosted on wordpress IE my blog URL is, and I have now linked everything as you described.
    Thanks for all the help and hopefully I'll get by a lot better now. :)

  6. You're welcome. I would also like to refer you to some resources that you may find useful in this Beginner's Guide

  7. Keep an eye out ..... something is changing very soon...

  8. @Mark
    ummmm ... yeah I know. ;)

  9. Sounds intriguing ... what sort of something?

  10. Built in tagging for blogs may be just around the corner. It's just been introduced for blogs. However, until this happens then the alternatives I gave you are the only ones available here at :)

  11. Ok cool, I'll be sure to keep an eye out.

  12. Happy blogging :)

  13. collectivecreatives

    Excellent, I will wait for the tagging option. Thank you!

  14. Tagging has only just been introduced to blogs and it may take some time before the feature is adapted and introduced for blogs. So let's not go over the top with eagerness - let's be patient. :)

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