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    I’m in the process of merging a .org site with my site. I can set up manual redirects for each story on the .org site, it’s simple, but with hundreds of posts not easy. Is there any easier way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Set redirect action on domain level (hint: .htaccess redirect). Probably you could ask your web host provider to do that.


    I have access to do that. Have done it before. Wasn’t sure it would work to, but will give that a try.



    Are you combining the sites with the single site left being the WordPress.COM blog? Will your WordPress.ORG site be going away?

    If the WordPress.ORG site will stay live and the domain name stays with the WordPress.ORG install – look for a redirect Plugin – much easier than fiddling with the htaccess stuff

    If all the content will end up at at WordPress.COM – then you want domain mapping


    All the existing content from the org site is on the site.

    I’ve managed to get this working rather well by editing the .htaccess file. It seems all the posts are where they should be, I’m not certain if the pages are.

    There are a few links in Google which resolve to an old, I mean months old, permalinks structure. It would be nice to be able to add these links to the .htaccess file, but I haven’t figured that part of the job out yet.



    Are you moving the domain name at some point to your blog here?

    With the content here you can map the domain name to the blog here. No matter when you move the domain name there will be a bit of an issue with the old links, I moved i think three years ago and once in a while Google digs up an old URL. I had the default .ORG permalinks and some other folders on my old site. you can’t do redirects here, one weakness of migrating.

    I set the permalinks to match WordPress.COM but the search engines were not quite trained when I moved, Bit of a mess but in the end worked OK

    The search engines will be reindexing your site here to the URL, so there will be some loss of rank. Then if you move the domain name to here there will be some loss of rank again

    I am not completely sure – Raincoaster is the master of the side effects – but you might be better off moving the domain name if that is what you will be doing earlier so the search engines don’t see much of the URL


    No I’m not planning to move the .org name over to the new site.

    The .com site already has a custom URL: so that’s not a problem and it has reasonably high Google page rank, (at least by New Zealand standards) so not a problem there.

    My only real worry is many of the Google links will redirect to the wrong permalinks, I changed them before Christmas (ie three months ago) but that doesn’t seem to be long enough ago to catch them all. I’ve nearly 1600 pages all up, so a handful of missing ones isn’t a problem. It would be better if they could go to a 404 page and not to a bare error page.



    Then you have done what you can, clean up what links you can, it seems like it takes Google forever to update some of the links, but if you have a low % of misses should not be too bad, but it will be annoying

    good luck

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