Is there an easy way to set Featured Images on already published posts?

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    I recently changed my site to a new magazine style theme. This change requires me to modify old posts to reflect featured images. I am currently doing this a manual way (editing/opening each post, selecting images to appear as featured images). I am wondering if there is possibly an easier way to achieve the same results?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,
    There is no way to create featured images in bulk on all posts. Its a one at a time job. I use Expound too on both blogs but iIm not a photoblogger. My posts are text based though they may have some images. I assign featured images to only five featured posts and then I edit the Featured posts and remove the featured image and the featured posts tag as I publish more.


    My apologies for that idiotic break above. This is a the keyboard from hell. Its meant to be used in both French and English and I will never by one thats not strictly for English again. The quotes are angled in the wrong direction and there are other issues with it too.



    Ah thanks. I thought there may be an easier way. It would be tremendously helpful if WordPress were to provide a mass editor for this particular feature. It is a chore to convert blog from the old fashioned traditional style, to the new Post Format features. From my blog’s perspective, it is in fact impossible because I have thousands of posts.

    Although the manual setting of featured Images is not that hard, but on slower internet connection, it becomes time consuming.


    I have hundreds of posts spanning the timeframe since 2007 and I agree with you that doing this one image at a time post by post is very slow. As I do not see enough traffic to my older posts to justify adding a featured image I am not into it. Because, after all is said and done, the content in my posts is text based and not dependent on images.

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