Is there an index of all the properties of all the themes?

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    (besides the “Available Themes Filter” and besides the tags associated with each Theme, neither of which quite do it for me.) The faq page
    is very nice but just deals with that one property of themes.

    To help you see what I mean, here are two issues I am trying to sort out:

    1) If there is a hierarchy of pages in a blog, is there a theme which displays the hierarchy (and not just a list of all the pages) in the header? (Actually anywhere, like in a widget would do, but that is a different issue.) IIRR “Ocean Mist” only displays the top level pages in the header.

    2) If I have posts with Titles (maybe blank), a picture and then some text, are there themes which which will always show the pictures when you create lists of posts by, for example, clicking on an archive month; on a category name? Theme “White as Milk” seems to do this but that might be because the blog is not well populated yet ( Theme “Ocean Mist” appears not to.

    Thanks in advance.



    There are theme reviews at and if you ask nicely they might do some over at as well for the newer themes like Monotone.



    Yes, thanks. For example:

    What’s Missing
    Since I started the WP Theme Review I’ve cut a few things and ignored some suggestions. These are the reasons why.

    Pages displayed in correct order on the sidebar: Blix is the only theme I’ve found that supports this feature. Even Sandbox doesn’t. Screw it.

    Pages displayed with hierarchy in the sidebar: Works for the first 17 themes, I doubt I’ll find a bug.

    Still can’t find anything much on different views of posts. I suppose the different views are

    • front page
    • all posts
    • one post
    • all posts in a month
    • all posts on a date
    • all posts in a category
    • all posts with a tag
    • a page


    Yes, and if that’s not in either of the references I gave you then it’s up to you. There might well be a market for that if you want to make some blog posts about it.



    OK, thanks. I guess that is enough to be going on with.

    And I have just discovered that some themes have a thing called Page Templates.

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