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Is there an optimum time to post?

  1. As I only look to post once per week, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on when the best time is to post to ensure the highest potential traffic. I've noticed that Sundays can be quiet, especially in the summer - no surprise there! Clearly the hour of the day is unimportant as it's a worldwide audience. I know that email marketers favour particular days so does it make sense to think along similar lines?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Great question and one I've tried to figure out. At any given time, there are 1000s of postings, so I kind of doubt it, though weekends are less active.

  3. So the Saturday lull isn't just me then?

  4. Experiencing the Saturday lull today!

  5. I have also found that many Thusdays (Australia time) are a slow day too. I'm not sure how that would translate to your time zone - I mean maybe my Thursday is slow because it is your Wednesday that is slow (I have a lot of American readers) or maybe my Thursday is slow because it is my Australian readers that aren't about on Thursdays.

    There is definitely a lull, usually, around that part of the week.

    Sunday and Monday seem to be good days.

  6. I know a forum I post on has lower activity on Saturdays.

    I think it's because most people are looking at sites while they're at work. Once the weekend comes around they're not that bored.

  7. Hello Ian and everyone else too. :)

    My blogs I always have low stats on weekends and that's been a pattern on both blogs for over 4 years now. I find the best day and time to post has changed . It now seems like Tuesday morning and Wednesday evenings are best for one blog. On the other Tuesday and Thursday mornings are best. By "best" I mean more likely to draw higher traffic and comments. I have found that publishing on Friday means I will get a very low traffic flow and fewer comments. If my posts are two days to three apart they always draw more traffic and comments than if they are published on two consecutive days.

  8. @stewiejt
    OOPS! I'm so sorry stewiejt. I just clued into the fact that you posted this thread -- duh ... :( I aim to post twice weekly to both blogs and usually do.

  9. Interesting! I haven't spent time figuring out the pattern for best blog article publishing.

    For me, it depends time of year. Since my blogs have a strong cycling focus and are aimed for folks who like cycling, in warm weather they are out cycling in the evenings & weekends!! Plus summer is hit and miss.

    For now, it's wisest I publish towards the end of the week: I know cyclists who cycle regularily for work commuting, have busy enough schedules that it's easier for them to read blogs, emails early morning or in the evenings.

    I would only know this because I am cyclist myself.

    For a tourism blog that I am a team member of several writers, I tend to time it so some other blog writer does publish on top of me..if I can avoid it. :) Anyway, there is a better time of week to publish since alot of my blog articles are on cycling tourism. Hence, working folks don't have time until towards end of week..unless they are truly tourists. Both locals and tourists read this blog. It's been shown over and over.

  10. There are times I do blog post more than once a wk., but you wouldn't know it unless you checked across 4 blogs that I contribute my writings.

  11. So Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays are the best days. Thanks for clearing that up! :-)

    I have found that Friday daytime is good presumably as office workers are avoiding work.

    So I will avoid Saturday posts then... Down the pub it is then!

  12. Usually my Sat. and Sun. are around 10-20 views. This weekend I had 100 on Saturday and 60 on Sun. Why? I have no earthly idea.

    I don't post anything on Sat. or Sun. either.

  13. I've analyzed this and for me, the best time to post is just before 10am Vancouver time. This increases hits by about a third. And DEFINITELY post something so that people have something fresh to read on Monday morning. Lots of people go to work on Monday and spend most of the morning checking their favorite blogs, waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

  14. @stewiejt - I can't comment on your posts. Not that it matters much to me, I'd had to be considered a stalker or anything. :)

  15. I would never consider you a stalker.

    That's not you waiting outside for me is it?

  16. 4:20... am I right???

  17. Any time the kids give me a break that is the best time for me to post!

  18. thehappyhealer

    I have to say that weekends are tough but week days seem to be better - after 2 or 3pm usually... At least , so far, that's what's been working...
    I also find it best when I'm in my "writing mode" and it's time for me to write - and write when I want to write - it always comes out better that way :)

  19. Geez. I never thot blogging would be an education in time zones. I'm learning something everyday. Besides the immediate hits - do you find that the post 'disappears' into your archives or do you still get Views later on and if so, for how long? In other words, if a post doesn't get Views immediately - is it likely to gain at another time.

  20. All I know is someone read through all 160 something posts on mine last night (well - your Sunday, my sleeping time). So in answer to your question, I think yes, back ones DO get read, although I guess as mine is a progression, that is more likely.

    I was surprised, but the experience sort of answers your question, I think.

    Also, I link back to older entries when they are relevant, to help "paint the picture".

    I often get views on old entries from, I think, search engines where people have looked for particular search terms, or from the WP tags, as some of my tags are rather obscure in the grander scheme of things.

  21. Make that all 186 posts - man alive, I'm verbose!

  22. @ulaysha

    Besides the immediate hits - do you find that the post 'disappears' into your archives or do you still get Views later on and if so, for how long?

    To prevent related posts from getting lost in the background I link to them in the text my new posts or I create "related posts found in this blog" at the end of the new posts. See >

    Note also that I never ever link to "click here" as that habit sucks from an SEO POV. I use the actual anchor text that applies and usually that's the full title. See >

    Lastly, I have created a Popular Posts page. This page contains some of the more popular posts in this blog, as well as some editorial picks based on the questions I answer in the support forums.

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