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Is there any way i can NOT display the Archives menu?

  1. Some presentations have no Archives menu and i like it. But there is a "constant" variation of which menu is on or off among presentations and in most case, one presentation has this stuff on but the other stuff off while other presentation has this stuff off but the other stuff on.

    Anyway, is there any way i can manage presentation?
    Oh, i have FREE blog account and if "paid" blog account is the solution, then you don't really have to answer to my question.

  2. Why not try removing the Archives widget from your sidebar widgets selection?

    Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets -> Move the Archives widget back to the left column.

    Oh, and if the paid hosting had been a solution, would you rather have us been quiet? For me, I would have give an answer, even one not liked, instead of just ignoring someone. :)

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