Is there any way i can post with original image size?

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    Even if i click “Using Original” button, it still shows as thumbnail size when i publish the post. I was wondering if i can just show the whole size.



    Leave the first option as “Using Thumbnail” but change the second option to “Linked to image.” It’s considered rude to post full size pics within your posts. Providing a link to the full size is a better method as that allows your visitors to choose which version they want to view.

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    Another way
    You upload your image (not too big <90kb is better) and once uploaded you left click on the image to get the option menu.

    – click image, select ‘Use Original’ (versus use thumbnail)
    – click ‘Send to Editor’

    It works

    To resize your picture in term of size or pixels, you can use for free IrfanView



    Claire, I don’t know why you’re bringing up three month old posts but it does appear the the original poster did that and it did not work for them.

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