Is there any way to blog by email with a free WordPress account?

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    As I am always on Blackberries only…

    I read all the online help for blog by email: it seems one has to run WordPress on their dedicated server to do this/or go through the hoops of an ISP? I’ve already spent the time to setup a WordPress blog – any chance to setup a blog to email?


    you can set up a flickr account to blog by email, or you can go to and set up IM based posting there.

    but strictly speaking, no, doesn’t do posting by email.




    What is your blog?



    I don’t understand how it’s that I find all these posts about not being able to post by e-mail, while my copy of wordpress has the “Post via e-mail” feature in the writing tab under options?

    Is it something new added lately, or am I missing something here? I’m actually asking this here because my “Post via e-mail” feature isn’t exactly working as it should…



    Are you hosted here at (hosted)? If not, then you are self-hosted with a copy of wordpress from and need to contact the forum over there at:

    If you are hosted here, the only real option would be what sunburntkamel has stated as it is not an option on hosted blogs. It is running wordpress MU and not normal wordpress for being hosted.


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