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Is there any way to change the background color of posts?

  1. Hello there, I was curious if there was any way to make it so when I post a blog, the background against the text is white. Is there any way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, if you are referring to individual posts and pages you can code the backgorund color chnage. See here > Background color to text

  3. I'm sorry I'm so new to this, where would I input that line of code?

  4. You need to enter the code at the beginning of any page or post you create that you want a colored background to appear on.

  5. Check out this post;

    I'm doing something wrong I guess.....

  6. You did not read the post I libnked to carefully. You need to insert the HEX HERE color number of the color you want. White is FFFFFF

    <div style=”padding:12px;background-color:#HEX HERE;line-height:1.4;”>
    TEXT HERE </div>
    <div style=”padding:12px;background-color:#FFFFFF;line-height:1.4;”>
    TEXT HERE </div>

  7. My most sincere apologies. I read it as best I could.. I guess I just don't understand it. Still isn't working for me

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