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Is there ANY way to get link referrals and keyword searches?!

  1. OK, so I understand that does not allow users to have javascript on their blogs, but this is hugely irritating, and I would never have moved over to had I known in advance that this was the case.

    After having used Blogger for many years, I've become used to seeing link referrals and keyword searches when I log into Sitemeter, and I want the same for my blog!

    I realize that WordPress stats offers this, but it's so basic and it doesn't show which user/IP address searched for what, or what link they clicked on to get to my blog.

    Is there anything I can do to start seeing my link referrals and keyword searches again?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. actually, there is a referral section. on who gos to your site, I think that on the programming side it's possible, they could use the text widget and have an image, but I'm not sure where you'd get one

  3. Thanks for the help. I hope somebody out there can help me further!

  4. it doesn't show which user/IP address searched for what
    people don't have to be signed in to see your blog, and what help would the IP address be, when most are dynamic?
    to see where users come from, a site I use is copy & paste the code they give you into a text widget.

  5. I already know about clustrmaps.

    I think you don't quite understand what it is I am looking for. I want to be able to see each reader's IP address; their location; how they got to my blog (did they just type in the website address into the address bar, or did they click on a link?); and what keyword searches people used to find my blog.

    I want a stats tracker to be able to give me all of this information (if applicable) for each visitor.

  6. @ petrichoric - try

  7. "each reader's IP address" no clue
    "their location" clustrmaps
    "how they got to my blog (did they just type in the website address into the address bar, or did they click on a link?)" refferals section

  8. I have a similar question is it possible to obtain, (along with their IP address etc.) track what browser the visitor is using, how many people are observing the screen, what their internet connection is, their computer specification, their financial details and the colour of their under garments?
    raptortech don't bother answering, you just don't understand ok.

  9. arcadata, yes, I could use Statcounter but I would run into the same problems with that as I do with Sitemeter. The problem has got nothing to do with those two products, but rather with, which doesn't allow javascript to be installed. As a result of this, I can't get detailed information about my visitors like I could when I used Blogger (which does allow javascript).

    And, yes, I do want to know what colour underwear my visitors are wearing. I just don't want to attract the kind of reader who's wearing underwear that's turned a nasty grey colour after too many washes. That would be more than my fragile constitution could handle.

  10. @ petrichoric - Google Web Master allows you to see keyword searches and search queries. Also, doesn't Feedburner give you info also?

  11. rofl @ petrichoric

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