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Is there any way to incorporate a maling list ?

  1. Is there any way i can put a mailing list / fanlist on my page / site ?
    Just something that collects emails of people wanting to be kept informed about my music.
    I'd rather not have to link to an external site as i'd like everything to be under one roof.

    any suggesttions anyone ?

    thanks =)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Add email subscription widget.

  3. G'day
    You can set up blog subscriptions. See >

    Also note that other member like myself can use the Blog Surfer to subscribe to your feed. See >

    Hope this helps. :)

  4. Nerts! I meant to post this link but I goofed up ->

  5. hey timethief thanks for your comment earlier !! nice to get that on such a new blog/site.

    I'd like to have something in place where a fan knows its not a subscription to the blog itself , but something where they get newsletters from me.

    I mean , i can collect the email addresses from the blog subscription thing , but im thinking about what the fan sees when they visit. They might not want to subscribe because they could simply bookmark the blog , but if they see " get on the mailing list " it looks like a join the fanclub kinda thing.

    any ideas ?

  6. We don't newsletter emailing feature. However, I believe you can locate free services on the internet.

  7. The only other way to collect email addresses from your visitors is to have them submit it to you via Contact Form. Or you can simply setup an email list on yahoo/google and post a link to it on your blog.

  8. I think Topica's limit is the largest a free mailing list service (500).

    P.S. I'm sorry about this missing words and typos. I'm visually challenged and have been doing month end work. My vision is very poor today.

  9. yeah at the minute , im collecting emails from the subscription thing and copy / pasting to a list in my yahoo contacts and sending an email newsletter.

    This is completely workable for me but i'd just like a box that says "join the mailing list" or "join the fanlist" , for the fans benefit rather than mine. It just looks more aesthetically pleasing.

    Even if i can import one from another site and just paste the code here.........i dunno

  10. You can use a text widget or image widget that states "join the mailing list" in your sidebar. See here > and here >

    Import and paste code may not be workable unless it's pure HTML. See >

  11. Thanks Timethief but i got one from soundclick. The html links were made specifically to work with wordpress and looks great.

    here it is

    thanks for helping out !!!



  12. I love this place. I've needed a site for years but im functioning on a strand of shoestring budget. This is fantastic. Thanks wordpress. The help / support is great too. Couldnt be happier !!!

  13. I'm doing a *** happy dance***. It's great to hear from a new blogger who expressed gratitude for this amazing free service on a robust software, that has tons of free features, and really RAWKS!

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