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Is there anyone who bought domain?

  1. I just wanna ask you something.

    Is there anyone who bought domain upgrade? (new domain name, not mapping to existing one)

    If Yes,

    How long did you wait your domain name to show in Options>Domains?

    How long did you wait your domain name to point to your blog? i guess, it might be 2 or 3 days..


  2. HI I did buy an domain upgrade for my family's blog and it showed up right away... I paid through paypal logged out of IE and then logged in and did the redirection website that you need to do and it was up and running hope that helps.

  3. Oh. really..
    Thanks so much for reply.. lisampond.

    I bought the domain upgrade on Oct 31.. It hasn't shown til now..

  4. Sorry.
    I thought, it was done after paying for the credit in palpay website.. cuz we already put the domain name that we want before we click "Add domain to blog".
    Now, I came to know that i need put the domain again and need to click "Add domain to blog" again..

    Thanks. Sorry..

  5. I made the same mistake as michaelsyn. Thanks for clearing it up

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