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is there anything else i can do?

  1. veehaunanifitzhugh


    i showcased my blog here.
    i commented, liked, reblogged, and followed blogs i enjoy.
    i updated my gravatar to show all of my blogs.
    i answered all comments posted on my profile quickly.
    i thanked all of my followers.
    i pressed, twittered, facebooked, and reddited my pieces.
    i had varied content.
    i tagged appropriately.
    i added original my original art photography to each of my content pages.

    i think that is about it.

    is there anything else i can do (other than keep it up or wait) to better showcase my blog or be a better candidate for freshly pressed?

    the blog readership i am trying to build is for

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Getting Freshly Pressed doesn't happen overnight. Your blog is still very new. Keep on writing and posting. Have a little more patience and perhaps you'll eventually get there. Although, getting FP is not worth it.

    Anyway, It looks like you have a solid group of followers. You should be happy with what you already have.

  3. veehaunanifitzhugh

    what is the average age of a freshly pressed?

    thank you for the encouragement.

    why isn't FP worth it?

    i didn't mean to sound ungrateful, just wanted to make sure i was doing all i could.

    yes, i have already read the link.

    thank you again.

  4. It's hard to predict an average age of a freshly pressed blog. Some take months, others take years. Of course there are others who gets it straight away. The decision is made by one WordPress staff member.

    Getting FP is like getting your 5 minute worth of fame. As soon as its over, you drop back down to normality. Of course, you do meet and make a few new followers who stay with you throughout every post you create. I am grateful for that, but most of them will disappear.

  5. Seems as though I have done it all also, I have a small group of followers but not near as many as I see other blogs have. It's ok though, Its been a good experience!

  6. @veehaunanifitzhugh
    Sigh ... there are 31 million blogs you are competing with for selection for appearance of a post on the Freshly Pressed page. An editor makes those choices. If your post is Freshly Pressed you will get a flood of one hit wonders that skew your stats by creating a high bounce rate and never return. You will be lucky if even a few of them become followers.

  7. veehaunanifitzhugh

    thank you for all your perspectives.

  8. Freshly Pressed would really be cool but to be perfectly honest I feel lucky just to be out there. please, just check my site and make my day.
    Thanks, Tex Arty.

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