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Is there anyway viewers can post their own photo on my site??

  1. I was wondering if there would be anyway visitors to my site could post their own pictures to my webpage avoiding them having to email it to me and i post it myself.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. blogs will display gravatars provided:
    (1) your visitors have registered and uploaded one here >
    (2) and you have set your blog up to display them here > Settings > Discussion
    See >

    Your visitors cannot upload images into comments. If they could then porno images could become problematic. Consequently, this is not enabled for blogs.

  3. @thatpartylastnight
    No, visitors can post links to photos hosted somewhere (flickr, wordpress, or whatever) but they can not post the pictures directly. You would have to go to links and post the images. That ought to keep things up to your standards.

    Or you could invite people to become contributors to your blog. Just be careful not to make them administrators or you could lose control of your blog:

  4. Thank you very much this answers my question exactly... i can just grant them the opportunity to be authors.

    Thanks again!

  5. Sounds like a plan. Happy blogging!

  6. Why don't you start a Flickr group? you'd have to post it but they could upload them there and you could check it daily or so.

  7. Which ever. We-all wish you-all a happy lifeā€¦

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