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Is there away to hide top blog/post on my dashboard ?

  1. Hello,

    The title said it all.
    There are several blogs that constantly pump out radical/extreme political posts that, somehow, almost always make it to the top. Now, I don't have problem with people expressing their views, neither should I. But after almost a year constantly seeing those, I have enough for my lifetime. They have the right to publish it, but I don't have to see them every single time I need to check "my" stat, or edit "my" post, etc. The Vietnamese W-P community is so small that the probability of making it to top 10 is very high.

    Thank you.

    PS: I hope I make myself clear above, so please don't give me the "freedom of speak" crap. I live in America, and CNN/FOX already give my enough daily dose of political nonsense.

  2. No, there's no way to change the content/layout of the Dashboard. Only staff can do that, and they probably won't unless massive numbers of users start protesting about it all of a sudden. But feel free to submit a request to them by using the Support form on Monday when they're back in the office.

  3. If you want to hide a post from the public-set a password on it.

  4. kimik0: thanks. i'll do that, although i doubt the staff would accommodate me. their intention is good, but in reality it is just annoying.

    xboxsome: i don't think u understand my post.

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