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is there definitely a plugin for extending the number of readers on my private ?

  1. idg4members2013

    I am using the free theme Lovebirds. I will be switching over to the domain name already hosted by GoDaddy.

    This is a private blog. The standard 35 users will need to expand to 145 readers for this private blog. Is there a recommended plugin or instructions or avenue to add about 100 more users/readers to my private blog?
    Blog url:

  2. We removed the limit for private viewers quite a while ago. It's currently unlimited.

  3. and are completely separate. All plugin questions are support forum questions as we can't install them here on free hosted blogs.

    If you have not yet registered an username account so you can post to the support forums then click this link and on the top right hand corner of the page register your username account.

  4. There is no limit to users on a Private blog - invite them 10 as a time as long as you stay hosted on WordPress.COM - mapping your blog to a new name will not change anything

    the old limit was 35 it was changed a while back

  5. I apologize for not clicking refresh before posting above.

  6. No worries, more info is always better. :)

  7. I vote for traffic lights :)

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