Is there Java substitute from WordPress?

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    I uninstalled java from my PC and I now get messages, I do not want to re-install java on my pc, what should I do? Does WordPress have more tools for allowing videos and the common tasks found in java?

    The blog I need help with is



    more details:
    The stats utility was a useful tool, but it no longer loads.

    The bulk select option for SPAM is no longer available and I have to click each spam individually (if there are 50 or more this will be unacceptable)

    All “VIMEO” videos in each posted blog is now invisible in my browser

    There are more but you now have some idea that removing java from my PC and my firefox browser is making web usage laborious.

    I am not sure but perhaps a solution is available without having to download JAVA again because oracle’s java software has a LOT of malware attacks; so much that I finally decided to remove it.



    I have noticed that the tools and features for new WordPress posts is missing as well, thus I now realize that the browser-wordpress can not function properly without java enabled, perhaps I can re-enable the java function inside Firefox’s browser without having to re-install it on my PC…

    I will see how this works out.

    I hope I do not have to re-install the firefox browser due to my total removal of all Java from my registry, I really was very upset with malware in java that I truly do not want to have anything to do with java anymore. But that may not be practical and cutting my nose to spite my face may have been what I did, unknowingly.

    I am not a programmer and this has become very troublesome :(



    I may have resolved my issue on my own research…

    I re-installed Adobe flash and the firefox browser has updated and I am now using wordpress features again (I have not exhausted the features to verify all are functioning) as it appears that adobe’s flash uses javascripts…

    I have not re-installed Oracle’s Java but I see that java does exist on my PC (windows 7 registry) and as I am not a programmer I hope future programmers will address the PC vulnerabilities to javascript malware.

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