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Is there no way to contact wordpress directly? Discrimination is getting old

  1. prettysmartone

    is there no way to contact wordpress directly? I am tired of being discriminated against, not allowed to link to amazon when I mention a product available on amazon. Others can do it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Plain links to Amazon generally should be OK (and even here they should be limited in number and not the focus of your post). However, affiliate links are never OK.

    If you click on the "amazon" tag I've added to this thread, you can read some previous discussions on the topic, of which there are quite a few.

  3. Affiliate links are occasionally okay, especially for things you create, and staff have said they are allowed on review blogs as long as the purpose of the blog is not, in the opinion of staff, to make affiliate sales.

    There is also a ceiling, a certain number of affiliate links, that you can't exceed.

  4. Question: If I can find local advertisers here in Vegas for my blog, what should I do to have it installed? My website if and I am blogging to make money that's why I'm trying to get into a 1,000 a day traffic and as far as VIP just can't afford it.

  5. Question: If I can find local advertisers here in Vegas for my blog, what should I do to have it installed?

    Switch to .org

  6. Is it hard?

  7. I'm not a tech savvy...

  8. I haven't done it myself, but others who have say that it is reasonably straightforward if you have basic technical knowledge. WordPress offer a guided transfer service for $129, but the general consensus is that if you have a reasonable computer proficiency then you can do it yourself.

  9. Thanks. Just want to take advantage of making money because I got good traffic so might as well. Thanks.

  10. If you are not tech savvy then a managed service is probably best for you. Be warned though you have to do pretty well to break even and cover the costs of .org

    An article from "one cool site" says:

    if your blog does not currently attract 1,000 – 1,500 unique visitors every day, and your traffic stats do not demonstrate a growth trend, then it’s unlikely that you will much more than covering web hosting costs.

    Unless you have a real flair for writing blogs that people want to read it is a hard way to make money.

  11. If you want to advertise local businesses, that's advertising and banned here. Find a new web host.

  12. I'm in Vegas and there's business in the casinos here and just want to take advantage of that.

  13. Thanks for the suggested article about the .org. I'm looking into that right now.

  14. This may also be of use: "Top 5 Managed WordPress Web Hosts".

  15. Thanks for the info.

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