Is there no way to receive any support from WordPress?

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    Every time I think I’m about to directly speak with a representative of WordPress it winds up being community or third party. Have they 100% abandoned support or is the link just very well hidden among their options?

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    I wouldn’t say they’ve abandoned support. The forums are where folks like you and I come to ask and answer questions. Support chimes in when others can’t help, someone from [staff] flags it for further consideration, or some mystical algorithm gets enabled (joking, of course).

    I’ve found doing a preliminary search helps a lot, the answer may be lurking around somewhere. Still, a good dose of patience and perseverance tends to work, too.

    Feel free to post the question. Someone is likely to help!



    This is a peer support forum. Here Volunteers and Staff work cooperatively to deliver support. On this forum Volunteers answer most questions. There are millions of bloggers and many in any given day request help. Staff monitor and when Volunteers cannot provide the required support we flag threads for Staff attention. That has been done. What’s required is your patience.

    In your case as you will not provide the URL for the blog you are referring to we cannot ascertain if you are actually referring to a free hosted blog and are posting to the correct support forum, or if you are actually referring to a install and are posting to the wrong support forum and ought to be posting to http://wordpress/org/support/ instead.



    I attempted to assist this blogger within 1 minute of him posting his first thread. I have done a lot of typing and rabbit hopping behind him as he hops from thread to thread complaining. He refused to provide the URL for the site he has been hired to work on and has issues with. I expect him to return to his original thread and respond there and that’s why this thread is flagged for closure.



    I suspect it’s closed for the nature of the message re: WP


    @timethief: Closing the thread is certainly reasonable. I understand.



    Have you read this yet?

    Apparently you have a client who is paying you.
    Has that client hired a web host for the site you refuse to provide the URL for? Or has that client registered a free blog that’s being free hosted by



    I’ll keep all the responses in the ‘Can’t Wrap’ thread from here on out. Although did post a second thread on same topic when 1st disappeared, I never brought the Wrap issue over to this thread.

    Not sure what would be cause to close this topic. Unless the answer is Yes, WordPress provides zero direct support. That would in fact resolve the title question for me.

    That sounds to me like it would be an appropriate WordPress question, and therefor kinda valid for the topic at hand. Am I totally off base here, I feel like I’m being chastised at every turn when I am providing everything that I’m allowed to provide.


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    Until now, as far as I can see (as a volunteer moderator), this thread has not been closed until now. I believe staff is away for a while at this point.

    I can modlook one thread (or your multiple entries) for you. Staff does look in when we volunteers cannot help.

    The multiple entries waste your time and ours. Perhaps you need a cup of tea or a walk, or whatever to make for a calmer and more logical presentation of your question.

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