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Is there something wrong with

  1. I just tried a couple

    it seems the posts showed up don't even carry the tag, while my post with the tag didn't get listed (i checked right after i posted).

    just wonder if anyone else has seen this

  2. There's a couple of threads on the topic already. Excuse me if I don't give links as I'm on a locked down terminal. Staff is aware of the issue. I could have sworn that they listed it as fixed though. best bet would be to go back through, edit the posts and resave them. That's usually what works.

  3. thank you drmike...
    unless i'm missing something, re-saving a post doesn't put it to the top of the tag page (I've edited my posts before, it never did that for me... just tried it again too)

  4. becauseimthedad

    I'm having the same issue...

  5. I believe I made a suggestion a few posts up. It's always a good idea to read the thread that you post in and follow the suggestions made within it.

  6. becauseimthedad

    I only mention it because I tried the suggestions above and re-saved, but with no change...

  7. Well I'm afraid that since you didn't mention that in your post, we have no way of knowing that you had tried it. From what we see, you made what's known as a 'me too' post. All you told us what that you had the same issue and you did so right after a solution was made with no feedback offered on the suggestion made.

    May I politely suggest next time be sure to mention that you have tried the suggested offerings?

    There's a previous thread about site mainenance that may still be occuring. This may be related.

  8. Re-saving has boosted me on the tag pages in the past, and I know of at least one blog that's been threatened with deletion for deliberately doing that, so it USED to work. Perhaps that's been addressed now.

  9. My posts dont show up in tags also. I resaved it N times :( What's wrong with this wordpress? Always making problem

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