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is this a problem

  1. Hi
    One of my kids seems to think that they can bypass Gary Groundhog by stacking the windows when the computer first freezes. Is this a problem, has anyone heard of this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What!!!
    This question makes no sense to me on any level. Has this got anything to do with wordpress?

  3. My question:

    1. Who is Gary Groundhog?
    2. "stacking the windows when the computer first freezes" - What does this mean?

  4. A google search tells me that Gary the Groundhog is a tool used to limit the time spent on the internet for more than one user.

    To the OP - two options.

    A. go to the person/company that created the tool OR
    B. set a timer and then tell them yourself.

  5. Take the power cable away, then he can't use the computer when he's not allowed to!

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