Is this a spam blog?

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    Mark suggested that I post about this here for some ‘collective wisdom’ on the subject and possible actions.

    This morning I found a trackback on one of my posts that led to this place…

    As you can see, they have taken my post and copied it but the text has been changed so that it is just gobbledygook. And it seems that the whole blog consists of the same sort of posts. Mark says it looks like a spam blog. Another friend warned me (too late) that I shouldn’t click on the links in case they contained viruses.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before?



    weird. It looks like they ran the text through a translator a couple of times. I don’t see any ads, so i don’t understand what the purpose of this would be.



    That’s what I was wondering – what’s the point of this blog? And yeah, I also thought they ran the text through a translator a few times – some of it turns out quite funny.

    After opening the links I ran my virus scan, adaware and spybot and nothing scary showed up, so it doesn’t appear to be a threat in that way.

    If it’s a spam blog, does this mean it will then be used to spam all the people they have stolen posts from and that spam will show up on their blogs instead of being caught by Akismet? I’d never heard of spam blogs before today.

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