Is this allowed?

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    Are we allowed to have comment contest which promote prizes like domain names and online membership to places?

    Thanks a million, Hellopayton.


    I’m not sure payton; that’s a grey area. Maybe contact support directly?



    I have tried contacting them a few too many times to trust them to reply.



    Then I guess you’ll just have to try it and see. Volunteers in the forum can’t answer the question.



    I’m sure they’ll come across this topic eventually (mods or staff).
    I’m too busy with Naruto: Ultimate Ninja III to e-mail them. Manda is just so hard to beat with Tsunade (honestly, her speed and defense is terrible in this battle, and we don’t have any new special attacks or antitodes, elixers, etc, so how will I win!? You have to jump to the top of Manda’s head to even land a hit, and MANDA IS A GIANT, EVIL, OROCHIMARU- CREATED SNAKE.

    I’m very busy. Give me thirty minutes and I’ll be done with the game.. >.>

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