Is this an attack of some sort?

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    Really bizarre activity over the past few days … i normally get 800 -1000 views per day, then wednesday a sudden spike to 2800 views … yesterday it went even larger (5406) and doing quick math today, it’ll probably be in that area as well if it keeps up (although it does seem slower today). All of it is from one post which isn’t particularly interesting (it’s a link to a more interesting post) from March 2011! Is this some sort of an attack or some sort of search engine placement strategy (it does point to an interview with an author)?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi David, does not look like an attack to me. Our servers are prepared to handled much higher traffic, and we have automated checks in place to stop malicious attacks, so your site is safe.

    As to where all this traffic coming from, you get the story from the stats. You can click on each day’s graph to see where the traffic is coming from and what people are viewing. For example, see this day:!/my-stats/?day=2013-01-03 — you’ll notice that most of the traffic is coming from search engines, and that people used the author name to find your site. If you try those terms in Google, you’ll find your post coming up on the first page of search results. So it seems that the person made news somewhere, so people are looking up his name and coming to your site.


    I’d buy that except for the fact that I know who the author is and that they haven’t done much lately. Perhaps they’re coming out with a new book or something and this is part of the hype machine … the hits are coming far too regularly and almost all from the uk version of google at a regular rate over a 24 hour period (not just ‘waking hours’). Has to be a bot …


    … check that; it appears he was the host of a documentary in the UK last week. Very bizarre search engine reaction (it must have been a really good one but none of my tweeps mentioned it!), but you’re probably right …



    David, there you go. I see that the traffic has tapered off now, so your Stats are back to normal. Let me know if this becomes a concern again.

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