Is this another problem with Explorer?

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    Recently, after suffering the problem for quite some time, I searched for info on the cursor jumping around while I was trying to edit a post; I found a closed thread that referenced the identical thing, although the experienced user who responded was not able to replicate it and thus could not help much with a permanent solution. Explorer was named as the culprit, though, and sure enough when I tried Firefox as one user recommended, I got relief. Today I noticed something similar. I needed to fix a misspelling, went in through Explorer (the latest version, whatever it is), edited, updated, everything was as normal after editing, went to visit site, and — the fix didn’t take. I repeated the editing sequence a couple of times, but not!

    But when I went in through Firefox, it did take.

    This makes me wonder if any of the editing I’ve done has actually taken–I don’t always check! So now I have to go back and check some things I remember fixing to see if it worked.

    I just wanted to warn us. I put ‘not resolved’ as the topic, but actually it is resolved for myself. I’ll just use Firefox from now on for all wordpress stuff. I use Explorer in other aps, though, due to peculiarities in some sites I must visit often (pop-ups in Firefox and my bank site, etc.)

    The blog I need help with is


    Explorer has issues and there are more issues with some versions than with others. IE6 is the worst, IE8 is better, but you have to be in compatibility view or you will experience problems. IE7 is better than 6 or 8, but it has issues as well.

    Editing posts has never been much of an issue in general with IE, so I would expect this was an isolated thing, although again it depends on which version of IE you are using.


    Hi, Sacredpath! What is compatibility view, that you have to be in?

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