is this content theft? what should i do?

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    hey everyone. i am not clear about what i should do in this case and i’m looking for advice.

    another website has copied my whole post, including all the links and other materials on it and posted it on their blog with a footer link to my blog.

    here is my original post:

    this is their post:

    it is one of the most popular posts on my blog and, even though i like recieving links from other pages, i really don’t think that copying someone else’s posts should be tollerated.

    can someone please suggest what i should do in this case? this is basically content theft, right?

    The blog I need help with is


    and another thing, is there a way for to make it clear for other blogs that this shouldn’t be done? some sort of creative commons licence?



    Yes it is content theft

    The links below should help until more experienced people pitch in. I would probably go at both the site and the host at the same time as the site is well aware they are stealing witness the link back. The site is just trying to shade with the link – if they were honest they would only do a short summery with the link to your site.


    What the have done is against copyright law as they have copied the who post. Even through they gave you credit at the bottom, it does not fall within fair use.

    You can look over CC licesnses, but they are generally quite lenient, and some versions would allow just what has occurred. I always say copyright, all rights reserved and a general blurb that none of it can be used without written permission. Of course all original material you produce is automatically covered by copyright.

    Contact them or post a comment and tell them to take it down. If they do not, then contact their web host and file a DMCA violation notice. The web host will act very quickly in most cases since they are required to by law.


    ok, thanks guys. i’ve sent them a friendly note, thanking for the link, but asking them to remove the content.

    i didn’t know i could also contact their host. thank you thesacredpath for that tip and thanks auxclass for the links!

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