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Is this fixable?

  1. If you go to my blog ( you'll see that the meta is really low for some reason and it's not a regular widget because widgets aren't enabled on this theme. Is this fixable with css or not? And can I add more things that look like widgets like say, my pages.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I suppose it doesn't look very good when I have a computer/tech guide and am asking for coding help, lol.

  3. You might try this:

    Make a page with links to your categories, for example. Or a page with links to pages and their sub-pages, to a blog-roll. The html codes should still work, though you'd have to figure them out manually (or copy/paste), even if the theme is not widget aware.

  4. @deadlyfishy: The Meta aren't supposed to be there. The sidebar should start right under the green header, just like the main posts area. Same thing for the alternative sidebar that shows up when you view a static page. Have you tinkered with the theme?

  5. yep, looks like you must have did something with the CSS. Replace the

    .entry {
    padding:5px 10px;


    .entry {
    padding:5px 0px;

    I just changed the padding from 10px to 0px and that should bring the meta section back up. If the meta section isn't supposed to be there then I have no idea how it got there as I know little about how that theme fuctions.

  6. If you look at the fauna theme in its original form, there is a blogroll section above the meta section. I don't know if the OP hid it or if they deleted all the links and it just isn't showing up.

  7. @tsp: No it's not that, because he's getting the same problem in the sidebar of his static pages. That's an alternative sidebar with no blogroll, just links to the page's subpages (if any). I think aw1923 is right: padding made the two columns too wide to fit side by side.

  8. I see that now.

    Off Topic: Why does .COM show this on appearance > widgets for themes that are not widget aware?

    The theme you are currently using isn’t widget-aware, meaning that it has no sidebars that you are able to change. For information on making your theme widget-aware, please follow these instructions.

    We cannot make themes here widget aware, even IF they provide a link to the codex. We don't have access to the PHP script files.

  9. Right! What the heck is that?

    I suppose it's for ORGers, and accidentally spilled over here. I suggest we wait and see if it disappears as it should - maybe tell them tomorrow if it doesn't.

  10. I've been seeing it for the full time I've been here so I don't think it will disappear without prodding them. Perhaps I'll prod them later tonight.

    I've been reporting so many bugs and peculiarities lately they probably say, "oh no! What is broken now?" when they see a support ticket from me. The plus side is that all the issues I've reported are either fixed, or have been reported to the dev's for fixing in the wordpress core.

  11. wow. umm..

    @pana (first post) I didn't tinker with the css, but I did take out my blog catch phrase thing or whatever you want to call it because it didn't fit nicely. That's when it got screwed up, but can I fix it without putting the phrase back?

  12. sorry for the double post, but apparently I can't edit the last one.

    @aw - removing the margin did move it back up, but now I need to move it to the left because it's forcing the main blog area to shrink and look bad.

  13. Did you put ONLY the sections and individual declarations that you are changing into the custom css edit window and then choose "add to existing... ?"

    If you pasted stuff that isn't changing (sections or delcarations), I've seen instances where it can create a conflict. It shouldn't, but it has.

  14. The reason there's a problem now is because both of the columns are wide enough to conflict with each other. If I switch it back to how it was originally you can see the full width of each and can tell that they would conflict if you moved the meta straight up.

  15. I'm starting to think I should just switch to a different theme until I'm better with my CSS..

  16. @deadlyfishy, on .box the "padding is not included which is causing the text expand to the limits.

    Add padding:8px; to .box and it will put some white space at the edges of the text on the main page posts.

  17. That worked. Thanks. How do you know which part of the code goes to what? Like with the middle section I wouldn't have even thought of looking at something called ".box"

  18. Hmm.. I'm definitely not liking the set up of this theme.. I really like the "sciencey" look though =[

  19. Well thanks for your help guys, but I think I'm switching themes.. or maybe even starting from scratch.. you'll probably see me in this section again, though, lol.

  20. If you are using Firefox, download and install the Firebug addon and take a hour or so to get to know it. It is an invaluable tool, and in "inspect" mode I can hover my mouse over different areas of a page and see what controls it, and then I can actually make real-time changes to the CSS and see the effects.

  21. Thanks for that, too.. I'll check it out.

  22. You're welcome.

  23. @deadlyfishy

    I guess I was too late to see your original problem, but I had a similar one when I switched Sandbox-10 from 3 columns to 2. I put all the widgets into Sidebar 1 and found that Search, Blogroll, RSS and Meta were repeated. I got round this by moving some of the widgets into Sidebar 2. It seems that with Sandbox-10, if Sidebar 2 is empty then you get a default displayed, and also, in two column mode, that Sidebar 1 is displayed first, then Sidebar 2 underneath it.

    I hope this helps.

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