is this service really free?

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    No idea what I’m doing other than trying to establish a blog to hold writing for a class that the teacher and class can read. Not public. Searched for “free blog sites” on google, led to wordpress. Followed links for getting started, then it wants to charge me $18. Is there a pre-101 place to understand how to get started and what I’m doing wrong. This site seems to assume that one knows the lingo and terrain already.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member and all paid upgrades are entirely optional.


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    This site seems to assume that one knows the lingo and terrain already.

    Aside from the link raincoaster gave you:
    There is a lexicon to look up unfamiliar terms. Like any speciality you will find words associated with it that are not easily understood. This should help you find some definitions:

    As she (raincoaster) noted, all upgrades are optional.

    [opinion here]
    I’d suggest that you set up a test/private blog and work through the tutorial to acquaint yourself with this platform. I’m a hands-on sort of person so that is why this is my recommendation.
    [/end opinion]



    um, er, and how does one set up a test/private blog? I think I actually succeeded in setting up a blog somehow, and figured out how to post something, but now how does one make it private or only available to teacher and fellow students?



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