Is this site difficult to use or is it just me?

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    I’m new to this site & am finding it difficult to us – one moment too much info & the next not enough – so frustrating!
    Has anyone else the same problem? – I will hang in there for a while in the hope I can get my head around it!

    The blog I need help with is



    The good news is that WordPress software is easy to use – the bad news is that the WordPress software is easy to use –

    The basics I found not too bad – I got the book “WordPress for Dummies” and that helped (covers both .ORG & .COM versions)

    The support documents are your friend:

    See also: – for a series of tutorials

    The forum is a good source – most questions are ask over and over so if you read back a few days you can probably find someone that ask almost the same question you have –


    Many thanks for your advice – I’m really keen to blog – but in my innocence thought it would be as easy as FB! Hah


    It can be as difficult or as easy as you make it.

    Staying with the basics makes it quite easy. The more you customize and tinker, the more complex it will be to maintain.


    I am finding it difficult and frustrating and im only on the basics.




    I find it difficult to use as well. I was able to write my first blog but when I attempted to start a new blog it disappeared. I found it one time but instead of being located on my blogging page it is somewhere in no mans land. I have not been able to configure or add anything to my original opening blog to date. It is very confusing to say the least and I am getting frustrated.


    Thank god there are fellow sufferers out there! Hehe





    Be specific and we will help you.




    I was able to write my first blog but when I attempted to start a new blog it disappeared.

    As far as I can tell you have published a single post and published a single page


    I thought blogging would be fun – stiring the little grey cells to add something to the world – but my little grey cells are taken up with trying to gets to grips with this site! Mind you – sometimes I think that if I had one more cell – I’d have the intelligence of a plant!! Haha



    If you think you have lost a post or page look here first:
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts
    Dashboard > Pages > All Pages

    Troubleshooting – My Pages/Posts aren’t appearing
    They must be public pages/posts – not private.
    Public – The page/post will be visible to everyone.
    Protected – The page/post is protected with a password you set. Only people who have the password can view a protected page.
    Private – Pages/Posts are only visible to blog Editors and Administrators. Private pages are not visible in Blog Surfer, feeds, or in any search. A page/post can be private without being password protected.


    I have not been able to configure or add anything to my original opening blog to date. It is very confusing to say the least and I am getting frustrated.

    Do your creative work/writing offline, save it locally, then copy/paste into one of the Post forms. Little to no chance of losing your work even if the post fails for some reason.




    Every new enterprise we take on involves a learning curve. In the case of blogging one has to be able to follow written instructions. That means they have must be willing to use search utilities and must have good reading comprehension skills. We aren’t allowed to post rambling chat room style discussion threads to these support forums. Clearly state what you need help with and we will provide it or see to it that Staff are notified in the vent that we cannot provide it.


    I’ve got my head around writing the blog & posting it – but I wanted to put it in a catergory & can’t find out how to do that – yet!
    In the fullness of time all might be revealed! Hehe



    Forget the he heand start searching for answers please.
    Go to the search box in the support docs at this which auxclass already provided
    There you type in categories
    and BINGO! you find the instructions you need.


    Thank u timethief – point taken!



    What auxclass posted above has been lost in the “discussion”.

    1. On the bottom of your Admin page on your blog you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff. I recommend using it.

    2. The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page. The searchbox there works very well. It provides results form both the searcch docs and from forum threads. I recommend using it.

    3. Staff prepared these entries for new bloggers and I recommend reading them

    4. The forum searchbox also works very well and I recommend searching before posting a thread to the support forums.



    Thanks to Timethief and Notawoodpecker. Very new to this and there’s so much to learn but I will take your advice and read the directions before proceeding. I mistakenly thought I could dive right in but will take it one baby step at a time.



    I spent two hours going through the support pages and videos as well as looking at Youtube videos.

    I am a beginner at computers and not familiar with computer lingo or truncated instructions.

    I have tried to set up a static Home page and a separate Post page.

    Both were created, but widgets stopped working when I deleted the About page thinking it might be blocking the Posts page.

    All posts showing up on the Home page and again, the widgets don’t show.

    I understand your responses to frustration on one level, but I think you need to integrate the support information into a user-friendly wizard set of screens that will end with a basic blog.

    Instructions separate from the installation process make things more confusing for us novices.



    Taking it a step at a time is the way to succeed at this. Remember that it’s the tortoise who actually finishes the race. We Volunteers are willing to help but our primary role is to teach how to fish. Although our role is not to go fishing, cook the fish and serve it we are under continual pressure to do that. Though I’m sorely tempted some days, I do not succumb to flipping off quick answers and not providing any insight as to where I got them from.

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