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    Someone who is going round thousands of sites with the purpose to build up a very big list of followers, is this spamming

    The blog I need help with is



    Spam is unwanted and unsolicited information and it’s usually received masquerading as comments. I do suspect that we may have spotted the same person (don’t post names) because I see that same avatar everywhere. I suspect that unnamed person chooses to visit thousands of sites and click thousands of “like” buttons in the hopes that we will follow back. Well, I’m a tough cookie and that doesn’t work with me.


    The person followed me about 5 weeks ago so i did the same and now every day i would get 100 + emails saying, thank you for subscribing i will do the same.

    I don’t think this is the right way to go about blogging or to get followers.

    To me its a form of spamming, the person is soliciting followers, and something should be done about it.



    Yes, it sounds like a spammer to me. If it’s another blogger then contact Staff directly and provide all the details to them. Don’t post those details here please.


    It is wordpress TT, thank you







    Well for god’s sake go to their site, click on the BlogInfo button, and report them for spam right then and there.



    But isn’t the said guy doing what many say is a good technique for getting more readers, just to an extreme level?
    I look for blogs that are about similar things than mine and pop a comment on the latest article, commenting relevantly on the article and adding that I blog on the same topic (and then link my url). Is this or is this not acceptable?



    I do believe linking your URL in the comment is considered bad form.



    Woops! I was sure I read somewhere that a great way to develop an audience is to comment on their blogs and also ask them to check out yours…

    My mistake!



    If someone leaves me an interesting enough comment, I’ll visit their blog, but if it’s just a “Great post, check out my blog” and they then post a link, then I’ll more than likely just delete that comment.



    Is it OK to do it as a side, when you comment on the post itself and stuff?


    I had a spam comment telling me that my post was ‘not the best post unfortunately’ ( not good for an already fragile ego) and the best thing to do was eat Norwegian Carrot Cake, plus link. Thanks for that, git!


    @ eagerbrad, you have no need to leave a link any-where because your name will take a reader to your site.
    You don’t go round the web hitting every blog to get followers, you choose which ones you subscribe to.
    If the person has 10,000 subscribers, think of the emails that would bring the person every-day, and i would think they have turned of getting emails from other people.

    @ jessielansdel, ignore spam i get them all the time ” how to improve your posts ” just delete them all.

    @ raincoaster, i was looking for information on the matter before i did that, but it has been reported.


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    I had 10 or 12 of those, supposedly from different “people,” and on several of my blogs. Some had better grammar (or copy/paste capabilities) than others. LOL

    Don’t let it dent your ego: criticism from strangers bearing unwelcome gifts is not anything for you to take to heart.

    …though a nice slice of carrot cake with golden raisons and cream cheese frosting, with a cup of coffee would please me well right now.



    sometimes if you click on their site it’s a retail company . But they still left a nice comment. Are these people using their work computer or is this scam spam? I’m a bit naive to robo spam and not sure if it’s programmed to say nice things or real people at work commenting, how do I tell?



    Whether or not a comment is “nice” is irrelevant. Most spam is complimentary, because spammers know you’re more likely to leave it up if it makes you look good.

    Does it refer directly to the content of the post in a way that makes actual grammatical and logical sense? Because it’s a classic spam technique to just jam some content from the post into the comment in hopes you’ll think it’s real.



    But the comment doesn’t really say “I think your idea of kitten muffins has merit for the following reasons” or not. It’s just spam.



    sometimes if you click on their site it’s a retail company . But they still left a nice comment.

    I get lots of these andI mark each and every one as what it is spam.

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