is this where i add the stumbleupon code?

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    I’m trying to add the stumbleupon icon to my blog and can’t figure out how. This is the only theme editor I can find, and i cant find the index.php in the code.

    anyone want to help me?



    Please proceed to and post your question there. You are clearly in the wrong forum as at we cannot access our php files.


    We do not have access to the underlying php and html files here at wordpress. You can add it to a text widget in your sidebar, or add it to the bottom of each post, but the code cannot include javascript, flash.

    To add a button with a link, this will explain how to do it:



    OOPS! Is this your blog? And is your question about it? If so then you can place the stumbleupon icon into a text widget


    Are you talking about the blog linked to your username ( ) or a different one?



    …lol :)


    {big grin – there we go again… lol :D}



    And how this relates to css customization has yet to be explored.
    I’ll leave that to you. I’m hungry. ;)


    Have a good dinner and I’ll be here waiting for a response from the OP.


    My explanation?
    I originally went to that website to follow the instructions on how to add it.

    So I went to presentation…and then proceeded to what I figured would be the theme editor. Which was a CSS editor.

    Am I way off track or what?


    Here at, we cannot edit the themes or underlying html and php files. The instructions refer to self-hosted blogs using the software downloaded from Since this is a multiuser platform, we all share the underlying templates and files, so any changes you were allowed to make would effect us all.

    If you were self-hosted using the software, you could make the changes to the underlying files.


    so…unless i have a self hosted blog (meaning…i use my own template?) I cant add it?


    If you look here at , you can see how timethief has put a row of images across the bottom of each post with digg, stumbleupon and such. You need to do this manually, but you can make a text file with the code in it and then when you write a post, you can just pop over to code view, and copy and paste the text from the text file into the bottom of the post.


    Alright, I understand now.

    Thank you.


    Dang I messed up on the link above. It’s . Sorry about that timethief and trumpethope19.

    That’s one of the limitations of, we cannot edit the templates or underlying files.


    Yeah, I was confused with the link, but I’m pretty sure I got it anyways.


    Sorry for confusing you. Happy blogging.



    If you want to add a row of social bookmarking icons, including StumbleUpon, at the bottom of every post, sunburntkamel’s code offers one elegant solution:

    You could obviously edit that so it’s only StumbleUpon, if you wanted.

    We’ve been using the full row of icons at qarrtsiluni for the past three months, and our hits show that they are used – especially and StumbleUpon. And the hundreds of extra hits we’ve gotten from the latter site does actually make the extra trouble worthwhile. I must admit I’ve been kind of skeptical about the value of social bookmarking sites for small, specialized blogs and ezines, but StumbleUpon hits do seem to translate into additions in the regular readership.



    I also use the code sunburntkamel has provided on my blog. It takes only a few moments to find and replace the title link and the title name and then add it to the end of my posts.



    Hi there:
    This again, is a silly question and really basic BUT–I used sunburntkamel’s code and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to replace the tiny images with small text? I’ve been fiddling around with it and haven’t gotten it to work…Thanks for any help you can provide!

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