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Is this worth promoting?

  1. Just wondering if I should promote my personal blog, I started it as a 'test blog' to learn about WordPress. My previous plan was to delete it after sometime. Now I'm like should I continue with it?, will people be interested in reading when I really start rambling?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You never know. Someone started a blog with bad English and cat pics, and look at them now.

  3. I think you should keep going. I have a similar story with mine. I started my blog just to test my writing skills and I was being shy about it. The more I'm writing and promoting, the more I'm gaining confidence. I don't get that many visitors for now but now that I am promoting it, it's a lot better than what it was just a week ago!
    I also have the occassion to tackle SEO tactics with a little tad of PR.

    If you eventually decide to create another one, you can just leave the link to current one. You have nothing to lose!

  4. I've now got much confidence to ramble on, thanks guys.

  5. GO FOR IT! that's why most of us have our blogs! i'll read it!

  6. Write for yourself, instead of other people, and you'll always have an audience.

  7. You're right, I'll just write for myself, that way I wont u
    put myself into much pressure.

  8. If you are sincere and passionate about what you write for you will always have people reading it and one day yoo'll find it comes handy

  9. Stream-of-thought blogs are my favorite ones actually, so you should definitely keep going. Don't worry about going off on a tangent. It's enjoyable to see how people think, what trail they create.

  10. wiredthroughwords

    Don't worry about it and go for it. Writing for yourself will make people want to read since we are naturally curious about each other and so people will want to get to see things from your perspective. Happy writing!

  11. Well, I wouldn't want to spend so much time and energy on it, I'll be writing when I feel like. It's just for me, so I'll go about it in a more relaxed way.

  12. Do it up mang! lol

  13. Keep it :)

  14. I would say keept it! It is nice to have an outlet to jot down your thoughts, rant, rave, discuss an issue, etc. Besides, every reader is looking for something different than the next!

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