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Is Twitter Worth it?

  1. I've long abstained from social media use, mostly because I didn't see the point, but now that I am more serious about blogging, do you think I should use Twitter? For users who do have Twitter accounts, does your account help you get more traffic and/or followers? Do you think it gives you a better presence on the internet? Please, I'd like your opinions.

  2. I suppose if you have quite a big following it can be worth it, if people retweet your stuff and others will get into it. I personally don't use Twitter for promoting my blog, mainly because my work follows my Twitter though lol

  3. I did tweet out blog posts for blogs that were supporting an organization /event.

    But for my own personal blog, no I don't have a personal twitter page /account. I just make sure I have the twitter button at bottom of all my posts for people to tweet on their own.

  4. I really don't feel like getting into 140 character responses, etc. with other twitterers. It feels more satisfying as a blogger and also as a reader /commenter on other people's blogs, as well as readers of my blogs, who might like my stuff, to comment on the blog post itself. That way the comments are available for others to read.

    A tweet comment just disappears off the face of the earth after awhile.

  5. invisiblemikey

    I can't write anything except photo captions in 140 characters. People who like my work do tweet links to it, which I appreciate, but I don't even text with my phone. Also, I'm not trying to be famous. If I did Twitter, Facebook etc. I would probably feel like a Kardashian wannabe.

    It would make more sense if I was young, unmarried, unemployed or in some entertainment-related career though.

  6. Thanks for all of the feedback! I really appreciate it. And I don't think I'll get Twitter after all.

  7. Do NOT go into it just to get something out of it. An estimated 1/3 of tweets are useful: the rest are spam. We don't need more spam. Go to Twitter, look at it, decide if you want to be there or not.

  8. And I say that as someone who just got two retweets from someone with a half million followers.

    Social media is like a sewer: what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

  9. Also: if your twitter stream is all "talking about me""talking about me" "talking about me" "talking about me" "talking about me" "talking about me" "talking about me"

    The rule is ten percent self-promotion, all the rest should be either rts or conversation, ie @somebody conversation.

  10. Thanks for the advice, raincoaster. I really appreciate it.

  11. I get some valuable traffic from twitter - and have found it a great place to connect to other bloggers. I don't have tons of twitter followers - but they are all a mix of musicians, editors, and writers. But I am social-networking to promote my first book, which is coming out this fall, and my publisher wants me to start 'putting myself out there' and networking. So it definitely depends on what you want out of it.

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