Is using Recommended links to maximum in your post is better??

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    Sorry for my bluntness, but i want to keep it simple
    Does the recommenced links in WordPress provide any pingback or trackback link penefits.
    And in what no ratio i should put it accept them , for my post not to look cluttrered with links,as well as get the SEO benefits if any!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, they provide pings if the destination site has set to allow them.

    Apparently you shouldn’t have more than 100 links in the content of your blog page (sidebars are not counted) so have as many as are appropriate so that your main blog page (not just the one post) doesn’t have 100 links.



    Oh, and linking OUT doesn’t give you any SEO benefits, because pingbacks and trackbacks are generally NoFollow. They should only be used if they are appropriate to the CONTENT of the post. Otherwise, search engines will dump you in a hole and you’ll never get out.


    Thanks for the reply. I was looking for a direct answers in many forums. n wasted lot of time . Should have turned up to own forum much before.

    Well, for most of the works recommended links are From Wiki, or Google maps(by my experience). So does linking to Wiki articles and Google Maps give any pings?

    I try to link them to the links of my choices. For rest of the Keywords would it be better to create my own posts pertaining that, or linking to Recommended links(which is surely easier to do, but not sure about the returns).



    No, linking to Wikipedia and Google Maps gives you no trackbacks at all.

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