is word press the answer?

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    Hi wordpress community
    I have an existing web site which my provider hosts, backs up and I use their CMS and all has been going well. It rarely goes down/or has problems and is easy to use but lacks some of the sophistication I would like to develop.My site is content and image heavy.
    I approached a designer to do the redesign and its been suggested that maybe a good idea to move to wordpress- but its a bit daunting to move a site of maybe 100 pages…so i am asking for help and views
    is word press good
    do you get good support
    i was reading on the forum a problem in july which seemed to take quite a while to sort it out
    is it easy to use I dont have extensive internet skills I have been playing around with a blog and find WP not completely intuititve-and there is a lot of information to absorb
    is wordpress good for SEO
    what advice would you veterans give to a would be newbie I would be very interested to know as I am struggling to decide. I have been very happy with my provider to date but I need to up the appearance and navigation on my site and trust my designer is giving me impartial advice
    Thanks- Carol



    I’m sorry but we aren’t allowed to create discussion threads on these support forums. These forums are for support issues only. Here we post only specific support questions and answer to them.

    For an excellent comparison of the differences between free hosted blogs and self hosted installs read

    This is a peer support forum where Volunteers and Staff work cooperatively to deliver support. Volunteers answer most questions and Staff monitor. When Volunteers cannot provide the required support we flag threads for Staff attention.

    There is no phone support here. If you have purchased an upgrade then you can contact Staff directly using this link If you have not purchased an upgrade then simply post what you need help with into a forum thread.

    On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff.
    The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.

    Bottom line: There is a steep learning curve and there is no hand-holding babysitting support on free hosting blogging platforms. Provided you are a self starter who has good reading comprehension skills, the ability to follow written instruction and the ability to experiment until your get things right blogging here may be for you. If that does not describe you then maybe looking for another blogging platform and/or paying for mentoring is the way to go.

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