Is WordCamp New York full? Where do you register?

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    Does anybody know if this week’s New York WordCamp is full? If not, what is the date? Where do you register?(What is the link?)

    I have just conducted about a dozen or so searches for terms such as “WordCamp” + “New York” + “2008,” with and without quotation marks, and keep getting nothing. Whatever keywords would turn up this information seem completely counter-intuitive to me.

    Why can’t we all just search for “WordCamp” + “New York” + “2008” and find this in an instant?



    Took me all of about 10 seconds to Google exactly that and come up with this


    Thank you. I still think we should be able to get this information by searching WordPress, though. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of the search bar?

    By the way, there seems to be only one total access pass left for the New York WordCamp, which will take palce on Sunday, Oct. 5, in Manhattan.


    The wordpress search is for blogs. It doesn’t include itself,, or Everything “WordCamp” can be found at .



    WordCamp NYC actually is sold out. Please see



    Regardless, look carefully at the schedule of the WordCamp you’re thinking of attending, because it’s been my experience that most of the topics usually relate to self-hosted WordPress, not COM. (One of my pet peeves.)


    /nod to jennifer

    Yeah, from what I’ve heard from those that have attended WordCamp’s, .COM gets little air time.



    Yes, very little. I’ve decided to make a potted speech on the differences between the two and offer it at the various WordCamps in my vicinity. Actually, at Wordcamp Frazer Valley there was a LOT of interest in the .com but only one talk on it.



    At our local WordCamp last year, Lorelle, who was the keynote speaker, knew there was keen interest about COM because she heard it from me. :) She was very kind to present overall blogging tips and introduced Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox that would also work on COM. Otherwise, it was all self-hosted WP, from installation, to choosing a theme, configuring plug-ins and the like.

    I honestly believe it is the fault (if I can use that word) of the WP Camp organizers. I don’t think they are really aware of the numbers of WordPress.COM bloggers there are (4.2 million blogs). Heaven knows, if Lisa Sabin-Wilson can include COM in her WP for Dummies book, there must be an audience!

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