Is wordpress doing some new updates?

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    The reason why I am asking that is because I see that other people here are having a hard time either entering their site dashboard or something on their site is not working. I am also having a problem with my site. I am trying to delete and add links to my site, but for some reason the command is not going through. It appears as if the commands are going through but are not. When press delete to delete a link is asks me “You are about to delete this link ‘Koja Productions Forum’,’Cancel’ to stop, ‘OK’ to delete.” So I click “OK” but when the screen comes back to my links area the link that I wanted deleted is still there. When I try to add a new link after putting all the new links info into the provided fields and press “Add Link” it tells me that the link has been added, but when I return to the Link section I do not see the new link.

    Can someone please let us know if WordPress is doing some maintenance because I don’t see a notice that there is any kind of maintenance being done at this time? Or could this be something more serious going on?

    Please reply…. Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    Okay I see that things are back to normal, and I am able to delete and add new links. But I am still curious to know what was happening to WordPress to cause it to have command functions to be messed up or locking people out of their sites?.



    There’s nothing significant going on and no outage.

    This sounds more like a cache problem with your browser.



    Did all these people have cache problems?



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