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Is WordPress down?

  1. I went to view my blog and it comes up with...

    Not site admin.

    Is anyone else having the same problem?

  2. ultimagavetadacozinha


  3. same here

  4. Ok... at least it's not just me... I'm sure they will rectify it as soon as they can. I have been with them for nearly two years now, and I reckon that I have only every had one or two times where WordPress went down.

  5. yup me too...

  6. "me too". even was dead. seems to be back now.

  7. deconstructedchristian

    And here I was thinking "Oh no, they've deleted my blog because I just posted on religious oppression in China". :-D All back up again now so I can stop worrying.

  8. Sorry, we're fixing this now.

  9. Someone pulled a plug? ;)

  10. No, some complete doofus checked in some bad code. Oh that would be me.

  11. deconstructedchristian

    People who admit they're complete doofuses have my utmost respect. Thanks for fixing it up so quickly!

  12. Should all sites be back up now? I'm still having problems with only getting 'not site admin'.

  13. @kdays, please try shift-refresh or shift-reload in your browser.

  14. This little incident also shows how paranoid we may become. I'm sure lots of people thought that their blogs were deleted, like deconstructedchristian. In Turkey, where I live, wordpress was banned last year for weeks because of a blog that was hosted there and youtube cannot be accessed for 4 months now. When people say that the internet allows people to express themselves freely, they should think twice.

  15. Must have been a split-second behind - my blogs are back up and running now. Thanks!

  16. Mine is Down, Maybe they are running some mainteance routines

  17. @oxkr1320, your blog is up and we're not doing any maintenance. The issue described above was yesterday.

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