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Is WordPress down?

  1. Got on last night okay. Logged in about 30 miunutes ago and noticed that the graphics were not showing on my blog/website.

    Now WordPress is impossible to use. Takes about half a munite for a page load, and no graphics, just text.

    is the site down or somthing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My formatting has all gone to pot, am hoping it's a wordpress problem...

  3. I've logged out and gone to the home page. Just the same. No graphics and the text is all over the place. Looks like a WordPress issue.

  4. Thank you for the report. We're aware of the issue and are currently working to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. The issue has been resolved. If you still encounter trouble, please try clearing out your browser's cache and cookies.

  6. Still having problems here. I've deleted my browsing history, cache and cookies.

  7. Everything is okay here now, except for the forums, which is just all very tiny text, some of it merging with other text. No graphics.

  8. amyturnthepage

    My website was fine until two minutes ago. Moved a text widget into a different footer space and suddenly its all gone haywire. All the font/text formatting has changed and I have no idea how to get it looking how I did before.

    The home page won't load properly and in general just things aren't working. As the help forums have also gone strange Im assuming this is a problem wordpress end?

    Will my website revert back to how it was once its fixed? It took me a while to get it looking how I wanted.

  9. amyturnthepage - it will be fine, it'll look just as you set it to be.

    The problem is with a service provider we use and is being actively worked on by our systems guys as I type. It'll be fixed as fast as possible.

  10. amyturnthepage

    Cool - thank you. Good to know, Ill just leave it for a while and log back on later then :)

  11. Hi I just purchased a domain through Paypal but nothing at my blog has changed... and there's no facility to make the change apparent. So does this process take a while, or did something fall through the cracks?

    just wondering if I should cancel the transaction and try again... can anyone advise? thanks ...

  12. teonereinthal - check the Store - Domain page in your blog (top of left sidebar)
    What does it have there?

  13. Hi Mark,

    it just asks me to purchase the domain name again and if I follow the prompts, asks me to pay again . I can give you the paypal receipt info if you want to ensure that I have paid

  14. teonereinthal - can you send that in through the Support form please? Better to keep those details non-public.

  15. I did already send that but it says it will take 3 days before anyone can get to it... so I was worried it might void my refund if I need to do cancel that. Also I don't want to lose the domain name, as it's my name, so I'd like to resolve this please. If you look at the recently sent support forms from tonight, you'll find my query and my paypal receipt details

    thanks for looking into it

  16. Thanks for sorting the issue! Good work.

  17. Unable to publish completed post.

    Click "publish" and no publishing occurs, just the drop-down menu.

    Bummer I say with a pouty boo-boo lip!!!!!

  18. My videos have disappeared.

  19. mayavision2012

    Reaffirming above problems. All of my VideoPress videos are missing.

  20. Sorry - we are investigating this right now.

  21. The videos should be back - if not could you link to the posts without please? Thanks.

  22. Video is back but when they are played, the screen is blank- audio is there but content replaced by either black or white screen.

    My home page is .

    Pls advise. Thanks.

  23. Sorry. apparently, the video "blank screen" is an intermittent issue. I just checked again and they are working but three times this a.m. they wre not. Thanks.

  24. I purchased the domain name as well as the mapping and private domain registration yesterday using paypal and the dashboard at my site is still asking if I'd like to own the domain name. Nothing has changed at my blog, so I posted a query on the support forum. Mark advised me to privately post the details on the contact support which I have done but still had no response. I have now lodged a dispute claim with paypal.

    Seller's Name:
    Seller's Transaction ID: 0EE39874JP237940U
    Transaction Date: 9 Nov 2011
    Transaction Amount: $25.00 USD
    Case Number: PP-001-548-503-972

    Can someone please sort this issue as I would like to use the domain name (it is my name) and rather not have to escalate this to collect a refund. I just want what I have paid for. Many thanks

  25. @teonereinthal

    Please don't post a question that is not related to the topic of the thread. If people do that, the forum becomes disorganized and volunteers won't be able to find the questions by topic.

    At any rate, this is not an issue we volunteers can do anything about except to tell you to contact staff directly, just as Mark (staff) advised. Then wait until someone gets back to you. Just in case, check you spam / junk mail folder—sometimes such messages are misdirected.

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