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  1. Just asking, I would be very disappointed if so, I already ripped our politicians a new one, now my sick cat ended up at the vet for two days and I was really hoping to relax with my wp bids tomorrow.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Signing up,for notifications.

  3. Your blog should be fine - some sites will go black but that is based on individual bloggers - some will put a banner on their site but all the content will be up.

  4. I searched and found these SOPA threads >
    Particularly note what Staff (macmanx) stated in this thread >

  5. Aux class, that is freaking great news. Our cat may have cancer and I was depending on my buds to cheer me up tomorrow. Are you fairly certain?

  6. If you want to go dark, I put up a post explaining how to do it on your blog.

    How to set up your website to participate in the SOPA/PIPA blackout (Code there is from another thread here on this topic. I tried posting a link to that thread, but it's a bit hard to wade through - particularly for non-tech-heads.)

  7. Hi time thief, thanks very much, so am I right that it is individual and not site wide? I could not find an answer on those forums.

  8. Thank you neilfein, if wp is kind enough to make it voluntary I will gladly voice my protest for part of tomorrow as well. Wp has been a lifesaver for me.

  9. WordPress would not force that protest on everyone here. It has to be a choice of individual site owners as to whether they are going to go dark or not.

  10. @Sacredpath I could hug you right now. Thank you.

  11. Same to everyone else who responded, hugs!

  12. You be welcome & good luck with your cat.

  13. You're welcome and I hope your cat's health improves quickly.

  14. Eh, what? Am I missing something. Dark?

  15. @jessielansdel
    Please read these SOPA threads >
    Particularly note what Staff (macmanx) stated in this thread >

  16. Thank you auxclass and time thief, Ives says hello and thanks for the good wishes. :)

  17. Thank you, timethief. I am now up to speed. I most certainly will support this in any way I can.

  18. You're welcome.

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