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Is wordpress going to fix the ipad onswipeTheme commenting problems one day?

  1. there is a problem with writing comments using an iPad when any wp blog is viewed in onwipe mode. Are you doing anything to fix it? I know I can swap to 'view standard site' and comment successfully in that mode but... i frquently click through to new blogposts from email notifications. This takes you straight into the post so you don't know which mode you are viewing in - you are after all, thinking about the content of what you are reading, not the theme at that pont. The commenting interface in onswipe is dreadful.Many bloggers don't know that onswipe is enabled by default, so are surprised when I take a screengrab of what I see and show them. I can upload some screengrabs if you tell me where to put them so you can see what I mean. kind regards Joanna
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  2. Hi Joanna,

    Can you clarify what you find dreadful about the OnSwipe commenting interface?

    Screenshots would indeed be useful.
    You can simply upload them to your blog media library (Media->Add New in your dashboard). Let us know when you did and we'll take a look

  3. If I am logged in I can just about comment using the interface, however half the comment box is obscured by the menubar so I can't see the first part of what I write. If I am logged out it is impossible to do. I have uploaded two screen grabs, again something that is not very easy to do via the iPad so I had come up to my desktop to do this. They are in my media library now. As you can see the background is black and the text is grey and it is generally hard to read if you are elderly like me in particular, another difficulty that is not necessary in my view. I will log out and take a grab of what it looks like when you try and log in in that view.

  4. I have added a third photo/screen grab to show you what I see when I am logged out, the comment box disappears almost completely, again the black interface, boxes obscured by various bits and pieces. Am I the only person who has this?

  5. Thank you for the screenshots.
    I haven't been able to replicate this on an iPad.

    From the looks of it, it looks like your iPad might have stored an old version of one of the CSS files in the browser cache. Can you please try clearing your iPad safari cache and see if it helps?

  6. Hi Yoavf

    Safari settings on an iPad2 only give two options one for clearing history and one for clearing cookies and data, I have done the latter I hope that was the right thing to do.

    I am still getting this bad 'comment screen' on the blog but not on other blogs where I am now getting a neat functional comment box with a black border and a grey writing area which I imagine is what you intend us to see? Can you try going to that blog and replicating what I see?

  7. I see the problem you're describing, and it's a known issue.

    Unfortunately, we're still waiting for a fix from the OnSwipe folks.

  8. Ok, thanks for letting me know, I will stop trying to 'fix it' my end then and wait for you. In the meantime I will advise my readers and suggest they don't use the on swipe app as it puts people off commenting and we all like to get our comments after all :)

  9. You can actually completely disable OnSwipe via Appearance -> iPad.

    iPads have a pretty decent browser that's designed to display full websites anyway.

  10. Thanks Macmanx, I've disabled it on mine ages ago. I have advised my blogfriends likewise today.

  11. You're welcome!

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